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company profile

Huizhou ruishang photoelectric co., LTD., founded in 2016, is located in the economic and technological development zone of daya bay, huizhou city.
It is a high-tech enterprise with LED advertising to identify and develop, produce, sell and serve lighting products.
Focusing on LED identification lighting product manufacturing, focusing on LED supply chain resource integration, and focusing on LED identification product optimization;
We specialize in the products such as LED filling module, LED injection molding module, LED soft light bar, LED hard lamp bar, etc.
Company production and operation area of nearly square meters, existing staff of nearly 200 people, with Japan's SONY, yamaha, Fuji, francois, reflow soldering, etc. 5 high-speed SMT SMT production line, 12 sets of semi-automatic welding equipments and 4 sets of automatic welding line machine, automatic dispensing machine 3 and 2 quick baking equipment, more than 20 injection molding machine and semi-automatic LED lamp production lines.
The LED injection mold group has a daily output of 300 thousand, LED injection molding module, which can produce 200, 000, and the LED soft and hard lamp, which can produce 30,000 meters per day.
With high quality, high efficiency and low cost, it has won high recognition and trust from domestic and foreign customers.

Core competitiveness
High quality: leading quality management in the industry.
High efficiency: the manufacturing process of the industry tip.
Low cost: optimize the integrated supply chain resources.
Quick response: customer service team.